Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning 


Sweat, food and drink spills, human skin flakes, human hair, pet hair, body oils and dust (just to name a few) are things that make your upholstery look tired.

Some of these things (if left long enough) can turn into fungus and cause bacteria to grow. 

ADSAM's Upholstery Cleaning will remove all of these nasties leaving armchairs, lounges and ottomans looking and feeling great again. Be impressed by how easy your tired looking furniture can be restored and refreshed.

Extend the life and quality of your upholstery and protect them from spills and stains with our Protection Service.

Leather Cleaning 

When using ADSAM's Leather Cleaning service you will have a trained technician hand clean and condition your valuable leather, using high quality leather shampoo and conditioner. 


By having your leather cleaned by ADSAM you will see improvements in the appearance, feel, and overall condition.

It is important to have you leather cleaned regularly. Even though it may appear clean it does absorb oils, perspiration and acids from humans, which build up and become embedded in the leather. Regular maintenance of your furnishings with will ensure you add years to the life of your investment.