Carpet cleaning / Rug cleaning

Let's face it your carpet is the biggest filter in your home. Everything from soil, dust, pollen, fungus, mould spores, oils, chemicals, toxins, bacteria, smoke residue, and foodstuffs can be found in your carpet. Like any good filter, your carpet gets full and needs cleaning.

Stain Removal: There are many different types of spots and stains. Some may be water or detergent soluble and some may need specific treatments. The most important thing is that action is immediate. The sooner stains receive attention the greater the chance of removal. Be impressed by how easy your stained carpet can be fully restored and rejuvenated.


Protection: Extend the life and quality of your carpets and upholstery and protect them from spills and stains with our carpet and upholstery protection service.


Urine Damage: Urine in carpet is extremely hard to get out. Urine crystallises, so when it gets

humid, urine will pull the moisture from the air, reactivating the odour. That's why urine can

still smell years later. Calling in a trained and certified carpet cleaner means you have the best

chance of getting the urine out of the carpet. 


Carpet Cleaning Process from ADSAM:


1. Pre-vacuum your carpet with a high quality vacuum
2. Treat spots or stains 
3. Spray & scrub the carpet (if required)
4. Steam clean the carpet 

There is no extra charges for the above process, carpet will be lightly damp to touch afterwards and usually dry to touch with 2 - 4 hours.









Five Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly


1. When properly cleaned and maintained, carpeting may improve the quality of air through trapping allergy-inducing dust and allergens. Most people, however, do not clean their carpets correctly, which can actually exacerbate allergies. 

2. Carcinogens in cigarettes may accumulate in household carpet. Because dogs and cats, not to mention children and infants, spend a great deal of time on the floor, they may be at risk for developing lung cancer in households with cigarette smokers. 

3. The five-second rule is a myth: bacteria can live after four weeks on carpet. And, thanks to “microbial adhesion,” germs such as the following are immediately transferred to food: Salmonella typhimurium, Campylobacter, and Salmonella enteritis, a nasty bacterium that causes horrible diarrhoea and vomiting. 

4. Bed bugs can live in carpet fibres and wooden floorboards. For their size, they are extremely fast and can crawl more than 100 feet to obtain a blood meal, usually at night from people who are sleeping. Engorgement takes about 3 to 10 minutes yet people rarely realize they are being bitten. 

5. Microbiologists have identified air blown from a running vacuum cleaner as one of the five places in the home that has the highest numbers of germs. Other places include dish sponges, washing machines, bathroom toilets during a flush, and kitchen trash cans

Rug Cleaning


From modern, decorative rugs right through to family heirlooms, ADSAM will revive your rugs leaving them clean, refreshed and looking their best. Depending on the type and condition of your rug, our experienced and qualified technician will advise the best cleaning method for optimal results.

We offer a pick-up and delivery service, and a state-of-the-art facility designed specific for the care of fine rugs.


We clean and protect all rug types, for more information, please contact us on 1300 1 ADSAM