Aren't all Carpet Cleaners the same?

Trained, Certified & Professional Carpet Cleaners 


– On time, uniformed & professional appearance
– Recognised training & certificates
– A member of a Trade/ Industry Association and able to produce evidence
– Have Public Liability & Worker’s Compensation insurance certificates
– Able to produce evidence of membership to Training Associations
– High quality and knowledge of equipment
– High quality of job, able to treat stains & other carpet issues
– Price appropriate, able to give upfront quotes, no gimmicks
– Aware and Skilled to treat Health Issue relating to carpet

Non-trained/ Non-Certified Carpet Cleaners:


– No uniform/ Poorly dressed 
– No recognised training or certificates
– Not a member of a Trade/ Industry Association or unable to produce evidence
– Unable to produce Public Liability/ Worker’s Comp insurance certificates
– Unable to produce evidence of membership to Training Associations
– Poor or old equipment
– Poor quality of job, unable to treat stains & wet carpet after job
– Low prices, unable to upfront quotes, gimmicks
– Unaware of Health Issues related to carpet care

Cleaning Process from a Professional Carpet Cleaner:


1. Pre-vacuum your carpet with a high quality vacuum 
2. Treat spots or stains 
3. Spray & scrub the carpet (if required)
4. Steam clean the carpet 

There is no extra charges for the above process, carpet will be lightly damp to touch afterwards and usually dry to touch with 2 - 4 hours.

Be Aware - Not All Carpet Cleaners Are The Same!


It's all around you - in your mailbox, your local paper, on the web: A striking catchphrase catches your eye offering cheap carpet cleaning - "3 rooms & hallway $40! With free Stain treatment!" and you think, "What a great deal". You call around and notice what difference in price each carpet cleaner offers you. And you think "Why? Aren't they all doing the same thing?" The Answer is NO. 

Carpet is one of the most expensive items in your house, and when cleaned properly by a trained and certified carpet cleaner, carpet will last longer, meaning you get the most out of your investment. When cleaned by a non-trained and non-certified carpet cleaner, what you save on the cleaning, will cost you by paying more in replacement and on-going health and even legal issues. 

Health & Legal Issues


Many health issues can come from carpet that has not been cleaned properly or with proper equipment. Wet carpet, left too long will start to produce mould, leading to all sorts of health effects, including mould in the lungs. This could lead to legal action for landlords, owners, agencies and tenants. Cover your interests by using a trained and certified carpet cleaner like ADSAM.

So use a Carpet Cleaner that:

  • Has recognised qualifications. Certified training such as Cert II & III Asset Maintenance.

  • Is a member of an Australian Registered Industry Association – And can produce evidence of membership – not just the logo on their website!

  • Has completed further training through Registered Training Office’s like IICRC, Daniels Associates, JenaDyco, ITI, Woolsafe, Bennett Direct.